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Josh Manuel Drums

Issues Signature Drums and Cymbals

Issues Signature Drums and Cymbals

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The Signature Sound of Issues!

From hard-hitting rock and metal to ultra-punchy pop, Josh's new Issues Signature Drum and Cymbal samples will bring massive impact to your song. 

We've recorded the most detailed sample pack ever to capture every nuance of Josh's playing.

This pack includes over 8,700 WAV files, Steven Slate Trigger Files, a full Kontakt Instrument, and more!

Pack Features:

  • Josh's entire kit sampled in extreme detail (up to 11 velocity layers and 15 round robins per drum)
  • Processed/mixed and unprocessed samples are included for each drum and mic
  • Individual close, overhead and room mic files are included for every sample
  • 2 Snares (with 3 tunings), 4 Toms, 1 Kick, 9 Cymbals
  • Individual spot, overhead, and room mics for each sample so you can create the perfect blend
  • Multiple articulations for every cymbal including open, closed, choked, hi hat pedals, hand grabs, and more
  • Steven Slate Trigger files for every mic and every drum and microphone
  • WAV files for every drum and microphone
  • Kontakt instruments for processed and unprocessed kits (requires full version of Kontakt)

If you want the versatility of Josh's signature drum sound, his Issues Signature Drum and Cymbal Samples will help you get the exact sound you've been searching for!

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